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"Sophie Hird is a Designer from Darlington, County Durham, now based in London. Her work focuses on up-cycling sportswear, thus reducing the amount of unwanted garments ending up in landfill. Her 2019 graduate collection prides itself in being completely up-cycled from football jerseys and her work continues to explore sportswear and sustainability in new contexts.
Hird’s desire to up-cycle sportswear was driven through her time working within the industry. Interning at a global sports brand and shocked at the volume of product samples going to waste, Hird recognised an opportunity to utilise these garments in her work and implement up-cycling at the core of her design process. Her pieces are not designed nor manufactured in a way that could be mass-produced. The ethos of Hird’s brand is based around sustainable consumption, not mass production. 

Hird’s success has been solidified by the collaborations she has worked on, from designing bespoke pieces for The Women’s Champions League - celebrating the Women’s game, creating up-cycled jerseys from workwear for Amnesty International in their #PAYUPFIFA campaign and recently making 250 up-cycled green armbands for the #GreenFootballWeekend worn by Premier League teams including Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City F.C. Additional campaigns have featured Hird including Nike, Umbro, Footlocker, COPA90, The Guardian and the London Drag scene with custom looks made for Bimini and Gothy Kendoll."

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